Two-Tone Cross Pendant

Two-Tone Gold Cross Necklace | 25.1 x 15.1 mm


This exquisite two-tone cross pendant combines the luster of yellow and white gold, offering a sophisticated, contemporary design that celebrates both innovation and tradition.

  • Premium Quality Gold:   The pendant skillfully merges yellow and white gold, creating a striking two-tone effect that catches the eye.
  • Intricate Design: The contrasting colors are shaped into a classic cross, providing a modern twist to the timeless symbol.
  • Versatile Style: This pendant is versatile enough for everyday wear or special occasions, appealing to various tastes and ages.
  • Meaningful Gift: The blending of two gold tones makes this cross a perfect gift for those who appreciate nuanced design and symbolic jewelry.
Metal Type 14k and 18k
Metal Color Yellow
Item Type Crosses
Height 15.1 mm
Width 25.1 mm

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