Ring Sizing & Cleaning

Ring Resizing

At RUDIX JEWELLERY, we understand that the perfect fit is paramount for your rings. Our expert ring sizing services ensure that your cherished pieces sit comfortably on your fingers, enhancing both elegance and comfort. Trust our skilled artisans to seamlessly adjust the size of your rings, preserving the integrity of the design while providing a custom fit that feels just right.

Cleaning & Polishing

Revitalize the brilliance of your rings with our meticulous cleaning and polishing services. Our skilled craftsmen employ industry-approved techniques to remove accumulated dirt and restore the luster of your jewellery. Whether it's daily wear or a treasured heirloom, our detailed attention ensures that your rings shine with renewed radiance, making every piece a testament to enduring beauty.

Ring Maintenance FAQ:

Yes, our skilled craftsmen specialize in cleaning and polishing rings with intricate designs and delicate gemstones, ensuring every detail is handled with precision and care.

We recommend having your rings professionally cleaned and polished at least once every six months to maintain their shine and ensure longevity.

Ring sizing is a separate service, distinct from cleaning and polishing. Each service is tailored to ensure the specific needs of your rings are met.

The ring sizing process typically takes one to two weeks, ensuring meticulous adjustments are made while maintaining the quality of the design.

Our skilled artisans can resize a wide range of ring types, including those with gemstones and intricate designs. However, certain designs may have limitations, and our experts will guide you accordingly.