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Professional Pearl and Bead Restringing Services

Discover the finest pearl and bead restringing services in Hamilton, Ontario, at Rudix Jewellery. Our expert team ensures your treasured pieces are restored with the utmost care and precision.

Why Choose Our Restringing Services?

When you trust us with your pearls and beads, you receive:

  • Durable Threads: We use high-quality silk threads for durability and elegance.
  • Quality Clasps: Choose from sterling silver or gold clasps to suit your style and preference.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Pearls and beads are meticulously cleaned, and any residue or dirt is removed from the holes.
Pearl Necklace Restringing

Our Restringing Process

  • Inspection and Cleaning: Each pearl and bead is inspected and cleaned to remove any residue, dirt, or glue.
  • Knotted Restringing: For pearls, we use knots between each bead to ensure they stay secure and maintain their elegance.
  • Final Quality Check: We thoroughly inspect the restringing work to ensure it meets our high standards.
Restringing process

Benefits of Restringing Your Jewellery

Restringing revitalizes your jewellery, making it look new and ensuring its longevity. It also prevents damage by using knotted restringing to reduce wear and tear. You can choose from various thread colors and clasp types to personalize your jewellery.

Before and after restringing services

Contact Us for Expert Restringing Services

Ready to give your pearls and beads a new life? Contact Rudix Jewellery today to book an appointment for our professional restringing services. Trust us to handle your precious pieces with care and expertise.

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