letter pendant
Heart Name pendant
Heart Name Pendant
Heart Name Pendant
Heart Name Pendant
Heart Name Pendant
Heart Name Pendant

Customizable Heart-Shaped Pendant with Personalized Initials, 14 mm (width) x 17 mm

This heart-shaped pendant is more than a piece of jewelry—it's a personal talisman, a bearer of individual stories, carrying the initials that represent you or a loved one. Designed to capture the essence of bespoke luxury, its surface boasts a textured finish, reminiscent of fine art, providing a unique contrast to the smoothly polished, customizable initials that take center stage.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the pendant can be created in your choice of precious metals: the classic allure of yellow gold, the modern elegance of white gold, the blushing beauty of rose gold, or the lasting legacy of platinum. Each option offers a distinct mood and personal resonance, allowing you to match the pendant perfectly to the wearer's aesthetic and the narratives behind the initials.

The heart itself is shaped with a soft curvature that adds a three-dimensional quality. This creates an interplay of light and shadow that brings the textured background and the initials to life. This piece is a testament to individuality and love, designed to be as unique as the person who wears it.

Please note that the chain is not included with this pendant. This detail allows for ultimate personalization, granting you the freedom to choose a chain that matches your preferred style and length. This ensures that the pendant hangs just right, whether it's to be showcased for the world to see or tucked away close to your heart.

This customizable heart pendant is not simply an accessory, but a cherished keepsake. It's an intimate gift to oneself or to someone special, a celebration of love's unique fingerprint, etched in precious metal. With the option to choose the metal that speaks to your soul, and the freedom to add the chain that best suits your style, this pendant is the ultimate canvas for your personal expression.

Additional information:

Measurements: 14 mm (width) x 17 mm (including bale)
Please note: Chain is not included

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Your pendant, personalized for you:

  • Begin with the foundation: Select the script or font that resonates with your style for your custom name necklace.
  • Chain selection: Choose the type of chain you prefer—be it delicate, box, or cable—and the length that suits you, ensuring the perfect drop and fit.
  • Stone embellishments: Decide if you would like to add a touch of sparkle with gemstones or small diamonds, making your pendant truly shine.
  • After you provide us with your design choices, we will craft a special quote for your unique necklace.
  • Let us know your timeline, and we will set a pickup date, factoring in our craftsmanship timeline to create your custom piece.
  • A deposit begins the design journey and secures your materials. The usual creation time is 2 to 4 weeks. If you require a rush order, we might be able to accommodate, depending on the complexity of your design and the availability of materials.
  • Once the design is finalized, we will send you photorealistic renderings of your necklace from various perspectives. The initial design draft and the first revision are included in the cost. Subsequent revisions are subject to a fee of $350. Our goal is to capture your vision in the first design, as these pieces are a proud reflection of our craftsmanship.
  • Fill out the form below with the details of your custom name necklace, and we will reach out to you with a tailored offering.

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Final Sale Notice

Please note that this is a final sale item. Production will commence upon your approval of the design. As it is a custom-made piece created based on your specific instructions, it is non-refundable. We value your input in creating a piece that meets your exact specifications and appreciate your understanding.

Included With This Purchase

Jewelry Appraisal

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Jewelry Box

We provide a complimentary high-quality jewelry box with each purchase. The box is suitable for safekeeping, travel, and gift-giving purposes. Our jewelry boxes are made from premium materials and feature an elegant design that complements the beauty of your jewelry.

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