14k Yellow Gold - Huggie Earrings


Embrace the essence of sophistication with these exquisite huggie earrings, crafted from the lustrous warmth of 14k yellow gold. These earrings stand as a testament to classic elegance, redefined for the contemporary jewelry aficionado. Each earring boasts a height of 16.1 mm, striking a balance between subtle grace and prominent presence on the earlobe. The tubing gauge measures an impressive 8.1 mm, providing a robust yet refined structure to the design.

The width of each piece is a generous 18.1 mm, creating an enchanting hoop that tenderly hugs the ear for a comfortable yet secure fit. The seamless clasp ensures that the earrings remain a trusted accessory for any occasion, be it a day at the office or a night out. The surface of these huggie earrings showcases a smooth, polished finish, reflecting light in a dazzling display of golden hues. Though hidden from view, the interior is just as meticulously crafted, ensuring every angle, even those unseen, is fashioned with care.

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