10k Tri-Color Gold Sleek Hoop Earrings, 18.6mm Height

10k Tri-Color Gold Sleek Hoop Earrings, 18.6mm Height


Graceful lines and a sophisticated color palette come together in our 10k Tri-Color Gold Sleek Hoop Earrings. These earrings feature a trio of colors—classic yellow, cool white, and romantic rose gold—each band gracefully intertwined to create a captivating look. The earrings boast a 7mm wide tube, offering a bold, modern profile that enhances their presence on the ear. With a height of 18.6mm and a width of 19mm, these hoops have a balanced and comfortable fit for daily wear. The seamless blend of the three hues makes these earrings a versatile choice for any wardrobe, ready to complement any look with their elegant and timeless design.

Additional details:

  • Metal Type: 10k Tri-Color Gold
  • Item Type: Earrings
  • Height: 18.6 mm
  • Width: 19 mm
  • Tube Width: 7 mm

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