0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.
0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.
0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.
0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.
0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.
0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.
0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.
0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.
0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.
0.6 carat round diamond martini stud earrings with three-prong setting.

0.6 Carat Total Round Diamond Martini Stud Earrings

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Experience timeless elegance with our 0.6 carat total round diamond martini stud earrings. These exquisite studs feature brilliant round diamonds set in meticulously crafted custom settings, offering a perfect blend of sophistication and sparkle. The three-prong martini design ensures the diamonds are securely held while maximizing their brilliance and exposure to light. Ideal for any occasion, these diamond martini studs add a touch of luxury to your everyday look or special events. The custom-made posts and earring backs provide both comfort and security, making them perfect for all-day wear.

Additional details:

  • 0.6 carat total weight
  • Round diamond shape
  • Three-prong martini setting

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Please allow a fulfillment period of 2 weeks from your order date. We meticulously attend to every detail during this time to ensure your earrings are crafted to perfection and accompanied by comprehensive documentation for your confidence and satisfaction.

Understanding Excellence in Every Facet
At Rudix Jewellery, we believe the essence of a diamond transcends its carat weight, unfolding through the intricate dance of cut, color, clarity, and carat—collectively known as the 4Cs. But our commitment goes beyond these well-known measures. We delve into the nuanced details that elevate a diamond's allure, ensuring each gem reflects unparalleled brilliance and quality.

A Commitment to Perfection
Our rigorous selection process involves more than just evaluating standard criteria. We scrutinize polish, symmetry, and fluorescence to ensure each diamond exemplifies perfection. Our quest for the finest gems means that we accept nothing less than diamonds that showcase spectacular synergy among all their characteristics, enhancing their inherent beauty.

Experience Unmatched Brilliance
What sets Rudix Jewellery apart is our eye for diamonds that not only meet but surpass the traditional expectations of excellence. We curate a collection where each diamond is a beacon of unmatched brilliance, offering our discerning customers more than just jewelry—they acquire a legacy of timeless elegance and outstanding sparkle.

Invest in Timeless Elegance
Choosing a Rudix diamond means investing in a masterpiece that epitomizes enduring beauty and exceptional quality. It's not just a purchase—it's an investment in something rare and eternal.

Exceptional Artisan Techniques
Each diamond stud earring from Rudix Jewellery stands as a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Crafted with precision in our Canadian atelier, every piece reflects the passion and meticulous effort of our skilled artisans, ensuring each earring is not only unique but of unparalleled quality.

Precision in Every Detail
From the initial casting to the final polish, our artisans’ dedication to detail is evident. Advanced setting techniques ensure every diamond is perfectly aligned, maximizing both security and sparkle. This meticulous attention to detail is what sets our earrings apart in both aesthetics and quality.

Advanced Polishing and Finishing Techniques
Our pursuit of perfection extends to the final touches. Using advanced polishing and rigorous finishing processes, we enhance the luster of the precious metals, ensuring that each earring shines brilliantly and maintains its beauty through time.

Invest in Unparalleled Craftsmanship
Opting for Rudix Jewellery is choosing a legacy of unmatched craftsmanship. Experience the superior quality and lasting beauty of our diamond stud earrings—each piece a showcase of expert craftsmanship and luxurious design.

At Rudix Jewellery, located in the heart of Hamilton, we cherish the opportunity to bring a touch of luxury to our local community. Our diamond stud earrings are not just crafted with precision but with a passion for local heritage and style. Visit us in-store or order online to experience the best of Hamilton's fine jewellery offerings.

Hear from Our Happy Customers


I've been searching for the perfect pair of diamond studs for years, and finally, I found them at Rudix Jewellery. The brilliance and quality of the diamonds are beyond what I expected. Every time I wear them, I receive compliments. The customer service was excellent, and they really took the time to ensure I was happy with my purchase. I couldn't recommend them more!

Jessica Martin
Vancouver, BC

Rudix Jewellery truly exceeded all my expectations. From their outstanding selection to their attentive service, every step of the purchase was seamless. The diamond earrings I bought sparkle like no other, and I feel confident knowing they stand behind their products with genuine care and professionalism. I’m so glad I chose Rudix Jewellery for such a special investment.

Ethan Clarke
Toronto, Ontario

Finding a reputable jeweler in Hamilton can be challenging, but Rudix Jewellery has proven to be a gem in the city. The quality and craftsmanship of their diamond stud earrings are unmatched. I appreciate the local touch they bring to their service—it feels personalized and caring. Proud to support a fantastic local business that delivers true luxury.

Amelia Johnson
Hamilton, Ontario

I got my wife these diamond earrings from Rudix Jewellery for our anniversary. She loves them, and they look great. The folks there were nice and made it easy to pick the right pair. Good place, good people."

Mike Walsh
Edmonton, Alberta

As a painter, I have an eye for detail and color, qualities that Rudix Jewellery's diamond studs embody perfectly. The light and reflection these earrings capture are reminiscent of the finest details in art. The craftsmanship is superb, truly a masterpiece of jewelry design.

Elena Ramirez
Los Angeles, California

After months of searching online for the perfect diamond earrings and comparing countless options, I finally decided on Rudix Jewellery. Not only did I find the quality of the diamonds to be exceptional, but the price was also unbeatable for such high-caliber craftsmanship. I truly feel like I received an amazing deal—it's clear that Rudix Jewellery values both quality and affordability.

Jordan Fisher
Halifax, Nova Scotia

I've always wanted to own a really nice pair of diamond earrings, and I finally treated myself to a stunning pair of 2-carat studs. The sparkle is unbelievable, and they just light up my whole face. Everyone asks where I got them, and I'm so proud to say I found the perfect pair after looking everywhere. They were just what I was dreaming of, and the folks who helped me choose them were the best!

Natalie Brooks
Mississauga, Ontario

I recently purchased a pair of 2-carat total weight diamond studs, G color, VS1 clarity from Rudix Jewellery. The clarity and brilliance of these diamonds are simply stunning. I had been shopping around for a while, but nothing compared to what I found at Rudix. The quality and sparkle are exactly what I was looking for, and the price was right. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!

Emma Thompson
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

I didn’t know much about diamond earrings before, but the folks at Rudix Jewellery were real patient and taught me all about different types and what makes some better than others. They didn’t rush me and made sure I understood everything before I decided. Really glad I went there because I feel confident I made the right choice with their help.

Tyler Green
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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