Tennis Bracelets


tennis braceletDiamond Tennis Bracelets have always been Trendy and Luxury Pieces of Jewellery.

We are Proudly the Top Seller of Tennis Bracelets in Canada. Our Tennis Bracelets are made with Very Nice Quality Diamonds. These Tennis Bracelet Settings are very durable and at the same time comfortable to wear. The Clasp is also very secure and easy to open and lock. We have both Women’s Tennis Bracelets and Men’s Tennis Bracelets.

The Bracelets are available in a variety of Metal Type and Total Diamond Weight (for instance 3mm diamond tennis bracelet or 9ct diamond tennis bracelet or 2ct diamond tennis bracelet). The Diamonds are Selected very carefully to create a nice consistency in diamond color, diamond clarity and diamond cut. And of course they are all Sparkly!

Our Tennis Bracelets are available in:

  • Platinum Tennis Bracelet
  • 10k Tennis Bracelet
  • 14k Tennis Bracelet
  • 18k Tennis Bracelet

Our Gold Tennis Bracelets are available in White Gold, Yellow Gold and Rose Gold.

The Bracelets are also available in Different Diamond Cut like round diamond tennis Bracelets or Princess Cut Tennis Bracelets.

Each Bracelet has a Unique Appraisal Document that is prepared by a Certified Gemological Lab. The Appraisal Document States information about the metal, diamond Clarity, Diamond Color, Diamond Cut, Diamond Weight and finally a Retail Value of the Bracelet.

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