About Us

RUDIX JEWELLERY has been family owned and operated. We have been a trusted source for wholesale gemstones and Ready Made jewelry. Our Jewellery Store in Hamilton is now Open to Public. We are proud to bring wholesale price Jewelry to everyone.We will still offer only top quality pieces, many direct from the suppliers. Our stunning collections will have you satisfied, just at amazing prices.


Our collections include some of the most sough after treasures such as:
Loose Diamonds, Gemstones, Jewelry Mountings, Engagement Rings, Anniversary Rings, Eternity Rings, Wedding Bands, Solitaire Rings, Necklaces and Pendants, Earrings, Bracelets, Chains, Family Jewelry, Men’s Jewelry, Religious Jewelry, Personalized Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry, Collections, Youth Jewelry, Charms & Dangles, Brooches and Pins, Monogram Jewelry, Contemporary Metal Jewelry And many more wonderful Jewelry gifts, something for every budget and taste.

Loose Diamonds

Certified Diamonds or Non Certified Diamonds, RUDIX JEWELLERY is the Best Place to Buy Loose Diamonds. Please call or visit us, we will help you to find your desired Diamond. RUDIX JEWELLERY is the Best Place to Buy Diamonds.

Design Your Own Jewelry line

We are proud to offer you A Flexible Online Jewelry Design, You can Design your Jewelry online on our website. Customize your Jewelry the way and the Style you Love. Most of our items are Flexible Design Jewelry. Below is what you can do:

1. Choose the Style of Jewelry

2. Choose the metal (Gold, Platinum, Silver, …)

3. You Can Also set the Diamonds with Quality and Colour you are interested.

4. Choose the Ring Size

5. Choose the Centre Stone Kind, Shape and Size

Have Some Fun, Design Your Engagement Ring Online, as well as many other styles of Jewelry


From ideas into the showcase, we will sketch, Computer Design, Cast and Manufacture your desired piece of jewellery the way and the Style you want.Custom Jewellery is our passion and we will utilize all of our expertise and experience to bring your ideas into reality and make you a one of a kind and magnificent piece of jewellery. It Excites us the most to bring Satisfaction, Joy and Fun to Our Customers.

We have built of business of integrity, honesty, trust and of course family. These founding principals can always be relied on here at RUDIX. You will feel comfortable with your purchases knowing you are getting the finest quality, fairest pricing, and all from a shop that operates under the highest of ethical standards.