Rhodium Plating Service

Rhodium Plating Service

Rhodium Plating Service: RUDIX JEWELLERY Will Make Your Jewelry Look Brand New

RUDIX JEWELLERY is proud to offer our Rhodium Plating service for all of your fine jewelry needs. Does your wedding ring, wedding band, or other jewelry item such as a chain, necklace, or bracelet look lackluster, dull, tarnished, or worn from frequent wear? Our professional plating service is customized to bring your jewelry back to looking gleaming, sparkling, and shiny, reminiscent of the reflectivity it had when you first purchased it. Whether it be a chain or necklace, RUDIX JEWELLERY can make your favourite jewelry look brand new.

We offer professional rhodium, silver, and gold plating services which are available to suite all of your jewelry needs. We can rhodium gold plate any kind of jewelry, coating it with a rich shine that will bring luster and glamour back into your keepsake jewelry item. Rhodium rings and rhodium wedding bands will bring life and luxury back into these frequently worn pieces.

Our plating services include the following: jewelry polishing, rhodium or gold plating, and checking the prongs. Polishing will ensure the item will be back into a smooth shine along with its new plated coat. Quality control is done for prong settings to assure the wearer their precious stones are securely and properly held in place, preventing snags when worn, and protecting the stone.

Our gold plating service includes white gold rhodium plating, yellow gold rhodium plating, and rose gold rhodium plating. We will expertly match the appropriate tone of gold required for your fine jewelry items, bringing out their beauty and enhancing their style, in addition to adding durability with the new added plated coat.

RUDIX JEWELLERY services are provided by our own master jewellers. We are ready for any jewelry item you may wish to get plated, polished, and inspected. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding our costs and processes. It is our pleasure to provide the best high-quality rhodium gold plating services in Hamilton, Canada.