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Accented Engagement Rings

Discover the beauty and elegance of Accented Engagement Rings at Rudix Jewellery, the best place to buy these exquisite custom-made designs in Canada. Our collection showcases a variety of engagement rings with side stone settings, offering you the perfect balance of sparkle and sophistication.

Accented Engagement Rings are characterized by their unique design, featuring a stunning center stone that is complemented by smaller gemstones set along the band. These additional stones, or side stones, add extra brilliance and depth to the ring, making it an eye-catching symbol of love and commitment. The accented solitaire meaning lies in its perfect blend of a prominent center stone and the additional side stones that enhance its beauty.

At Rudix Jewellery, we offer a wide range of customization options for your accented engagement ring. Choose from various side stone options such as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, moissanite, and gemstones like sapphires, or decide how far the stones on the band should be extended. You can even opt for a graduated design for a truly unique look. Our skilled craftsmen are ready to create the perfect ring for you, using different setting styles like prongs, pavé, channel, or bezel to secure the small stones.

As a leading provider of Accented Engagement Rings in Canada, Rudix Jewellery is committed to crafting the perfect ring for your special moment. Our dedication to quality and attention to detail ensures that you’ll find a ring that reflects your love story and personal style. So, explore our stunning collection of engagement rings with side stones settings and experience the true meaning of an accented solitaire at Rudix Jewellery.

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