Box chain necklace - yellow gold


Box Yellow Gold ChiansBox chain Necklace is one of the most Popular types of Gold Chains. They are Popular and Durable. Our Box chain gold necklaces are made to last and they present a beautiful Surface Finish Look.



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Majority of our Box Necklaces are available in:

  • 10k box chain
  • 14k box chain
  • 18k box chain
  • 22k box chain

They are also available in different box necklace length (lets say 16 inch gold chain women’s). Most of our chains are available in following lengths:

  • 16 inch box chain
  • 18 inch box chain
  • 20 inch box chain
  • 22 inch box chain
  • 24 inch box chain

Please contact us if you are looking for a chain that is shorter or longer than the above numbers. we have more verity gold chains that are non standard chain length.

Rudix Jewellery is your reliable source if you are looking for real gold chains. Our Chains have beautiful surface finishing and yet Durable. The fine details on these gold necklaces are flawless and unique. Rudix Jewellery can be your place if you search for Gold necklace Canada.

You can find a nice variety of Gold necklace chain in our website including: solid gold chains, hollow gold chains, Cuban link chains, Wheat Chains, Snake Chains, Singapore Chains, Rope Chains, Figaro Chains, Curb Chains, Cable Chains, Box Chains, Bead Chains, Ball Chains and many more.

Enjoy Viewing our Collection of Gold necklaces!

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