gold name necklace
gold name necklace

Name Necklace

Name Necklace is our specialty !

All Kinds of Designs!

We Can Design and Make your Name Necklace The Way you like! It Can be:

  • Letter Name Necklace
  • Initial Necklace
  • Gold and Diamond Name Necklace
  • Gemstone Name Necklace
  • Diamond Name Necklace
  • Or any other Combination

We make our Name Pendnats using different metals Like Gold Name Necklace, Platinum Name Necklace or Silver Name Necklace.

name necklace

How we Do it?

Gold Name Necklace

It Starts with

Just let us know if you want a Unique Design Name Necklace. We will Design and Make your Personalized Name Necklace the way like. So it is a chance for you to Design your own Name Necklace.
Customized Name Necklace is one of the Services we are known for and We do this service based on Customers’ ideas and thoughts

Roman Numeral Date Plates

Our Roman Numeral date Plate Pendants are Unique. We Can Bring the Date to Any Kind of Plate, from Round to Rectangular Date Plate Necklace. 

We will make your Desired Date Necklace, just Let us know the measurements, shape and the Date, we will make it for you!

Cut out Roman numeral necklace

Plate Name Necklaces

Sky is the Limit! Our Custom Design made Plate Name Necklaces will amaze you!

Our Plate Name Pendants can be engraved with a name, a logo or a shape, anything in Your mind!

Monogram Necklaces

Monogram Necklaces are very popular and cost-effective. At Rudix Jewellery you can get a variety of Monogram Necklaces including Script Monogram Necklaces,  Block Monogram Necklaces,


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